About us

Scientific and production enterprise “SIGMA-M” organized to provide advice and practical assistance to enterprises that supply its power engineering industry equipment (including nuclear energy), railway transportation and other basic industries, to confirm operational technical requirements for equipment, including the conformity assessment of equipment technical regulations. Scientific and production enterprise “Sigma-M” on the Ukrainian market for 8 years and is a member of the TCU 22 “Electromagnetic compatibility and stability of radioelectronic, electrical and electronic tools.”

We offer our partners a complete set of services for the entire lifecycle of their products from the development of technical requirements for the equipment, ensuring the implementation of DSTU (harmonized c International standards series IEC, CISPR, ISO and EU standards series EN ENV, ETSI EN et al.) , international standards, EU standards, GOST R, taking into account conditions of operation and locations at the facility equipment accommodation, with carrying out technical tests on equipment requirements:

  • electromagnetic compatibility (EMC);
  • resistance to seismic actions (SA) and mechanical stress (MS);
  • resistance to climatic influences and “stringent conditions” (SC) operation;
  • radiation resistance to the effects of ionizing radiation of natural and artificial origin;
  • requirements of reliability;
  • requirements of safety аnd other operating specifications,

with the development of the “Declaration of сonformity equipment” requirements of technical regulations and the composition of the technical documentation for the Declaration.

“SIGMA-M” received a certificate for the use of software to DSTU harmonization with international and European standards of the translation method. This certificate allows the company to carry out work on the translation of international and European standards and DSTU adopted by recognizing how all DSTU, and its sections, paragraphs, etc. Translation sections DSTU points adopted by the recognition, using the software allows the content you want to divide the items not used in the original language (en), but in the Ukrainian language (ua).

“SIGMA-M” also provides engineering consulting services in the application of the customer DSTU adopted by the recognition (in the original language (en), in the Ukrainian language (ua).

Rich experience and understanding of customer needs allows us to quickly and efficiently carry out our work.  Мanagement “SIGMA-M” and her team listened to the wishes of our customers and are doing everything to create partnerships with all users of our services.

We invite you to cooperate.

Yours faithfully,

the management and staff of  “SIGMA-M”